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Amat app

» Name: Armin Arlert
» Canon: Attack on Titan
» Reference: Wiki!
» Canon Point: Chapter 45
» Gender: Male
» Age: 15; will be physically aged up to 18 in Amat


» Appearance: Armin is fairly short, with soft features that tend to make him even younger than he is. He'll gain a little height as a result of being aged up, and overall look a little more mature, but he'll still be skinny little wimp. If three years of military training couldn't do much to visibly fill out his muscles then probably nothing will.

» Suitability: Though he may only be teenager, Armin has already been through a lot. And I do mean a lot. His home was destroyed when he was ten and he lost his only remaining relative the year after, he enlisted in the army along with his friends once they all hit the minimum age of twelve to begin training, has trained for three years and successfully passed the test to enlist as a soldier, and in the relatively short time since then has played in active role in several battles. In short, he may be young, but he's no child, and is quite capable of making rational decisions in the face of life or death consequences. And while certainly the idea of having sex will probably fluster and embarrass him, that's almost entirely just a matter of his inherent personality and has no bearing on his maturity; most likely even if he were ten years older he'd still be just as flustered, since self-confidence and assertiveness aren't exactly his strong suits by a long shot. Suffice it to say that much as Armin may come across as young and innocent, in other words, he still absolutely has the determination and resolve to do what it takes despite whatever intimidating odds he may be up against.

» Orientation: Unknown; there's literally nothing in canon that gives any solid indication as to his interests either way. The sum total of possible references is a single throwaway line where he and the others are describing one of the girls who'd been in their class and Armin casually remarks that she was "pretty". Which is to say canon is too focused on the whole desperately fighting off man-eating giants to survive to really give any indication as to which way Armin might be inclined.

» Personality: The first time Armin appears in the story, he's in the process of getting beaten up and called names from some bigger kids, up until his friends Eren and Mikasa show up and chase the bullies away. Needless to say, this gives an initial impression that he's something of a weakling who relies heavily on other people, and that impression isn't far wrong. Armin isn't very strong, at least physically, and he tends to be lacking in the self-confidence department as well. Whether the latter is due to the former is hard to say, but he's often tended to see himself as a "burden", someone who always needs others to take care of and defend him because he isn't strong enough to do it himself. Even though he managed to pass the exam to become a full-fledged soldier at the end of the training, Armin himself calls it a "miracle" that he got through the physical portion of it. He's quick to doubt or look for flaws in his own ideas, and tends to still be something of a worrywart even after both Eren and Mikasa individually tell him that it was his quick thinking that saved both their lives in the past. Not to mention that even after three years of rigorous training, Armin's still frankly something of a wuss of a soldier, but he recognizes his own shortcomings, and gradually has begun to simply acknowledge them and move on to do what he can--such as giving Mikasa his unused spare blades during a battle she's better suited to--rather than trying to do the impossible or be something he's not.

However, as one might guess from his friends' evaluation of his abilities, Armin is also highly intelligent and thoughtful. Again in his first appearance, the boys bullying him call him a "heretic", due to his refusal to limit his thinking to those "safe" topics and ideas most people seek refuge in. In this case, Armin is highly fascinated with the world beyond the thick, towering walls that keep humanity safe from the man-eating titans, and the possibilities that could be found out there if said titans were to be defeated. It was this curiosity and thirst for knowledge--even forbidden knowledge--that helped forge his friendship with Eren, who shares Armin's interest in seeing the world beyond the walls. When the titans breached Wall Maria and overran the city, while he didn't realize it at the time it was Armin who saved Eren and Mikasa's lives by telling their soldier friend Hannes that the two had rushed to Eren's house in an attempt to rescue Eren's mother rather than fleeing to safety. As a cadet in training, Armin was consistently brilliant in the classroom, to the point where after graduation when he first announces his intent to join the Scout Regiment even Eren questions whether that would be a risk of his intelligence. And when it comes to forming battle plans or arguing a case for the sake of his friends, despite his many doubts his ideas have consistently been overall successful. With those successes he's even gradually begun to gain more confidence, and while he still has a tendency to second-guess or criticize himself if things don't go smoothly, he's more willing to speak his mind and act on the conclusions he's drawn.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is Armin's sheer determination. Even when he was about to be beaten up by bullies, Armin boldly says he's refusing to fight back because he won't lower himself to their level. And though he's witnessed first hand the terrifyingly overwhelming power of the titans, he still insists on enlisting, often barely making it through on sheer willpower alone, to become a soldier and have a chance at fulfilling his dream of seeing the outside world. Armin is far from fearless, but his drive to succeed on his own without being a burden lets him push himself to his utmost limits, and his desire to protect his friends allows him to face down what he believes is certain death for their sakes. Even one of the most aloof characters of the series compliments him on his "guts", and he's shown a willingness to face and make himself consider unpleasantly truths--such as the possibility of one of his fellow classmates being a titan and a traitor--rather than shy away and try to ignore them.

Armin is also very dedicated to his friends. As a child, Eren--and later through him the ever-present Mikasa--was his only friend, due no doubt in no small part to his own "heretical" interest in the world beyond the walls and a better future for humankind. Not to mention that Eren and Mikasa frequently intervened on Armin's behalf when he was being picked on by other kids. Perhaps some of the very strong loyalty Armin feels to the two of them, and Eren especially, is a result of this, but it clearly goes beyond just feeling some sort of debt is owed; they're his friends, and Armin would do almost anything for them, as they undoubtedly would for him. This is no more obvious than in the events immediately before and after Eren's first transformation into a titan: first upon being rescued from literally within the jaws of death, Armin, already shaken, then is helpless to save Eren from being eaten by the titan. This shocks Armin so severely he's literally completely unaware of his surroundings until some of his fellow cadets shake him out of it a while later, not even seeing the titan mere meters in front of his face turn its attention to him again only to be torn apart from the inside by another. Later, however, he first helps to snap Mikasa out of a similar state of shock, and then puts his own life on the line to argue Eren's case to the commanding officer who has them cornered just inside the wall. Of course, not everyone sees Armin's dedication as such a great thing, especially at first, with one character later admitting he had at initially thought it was kind of "creepy" the way Armin always seemed to be tailing Eren around.

For Armin, however, that dedication seems to suit him just fine. Between Eren's brash hotheadedness and Mikasa's nigh-emotionless cool, Armin provides something of a balancing middle ground between them. While Mikasa and Eren used to regularly protect Armin from bullies, for example, Armin also in turn would help restrain Eren when Eren would get himself into fights, and when Mikasa freaks out at learning that Eren is hurt or in danger, Armin does his best to talk her into calming down and not doing anything rash. Not to mention that Armin is the one who succeeded in getting through to Eren in titan form when he transformed to move the boulder and ended up attacking Mikasa instead. It's a group dynamic that Armin is obviously very comfortable with, and he highly values and respects both of his friends for their parts in it. By that same token, the very idea of anything separating or breaking up that group upsets him deeply. It could probably be safely said, then, that the only thing that frightens Armin more than the gigantic, man-eating titans would be losing those two best friends of his.

At least one sample MUST demonstrate your character's feelings about or reactions to sex!
» First Person Sample Choice: (Prompt 3 - hypothetical post after a couple months or so on the island)

*today's video feed flicks on to show Armin looking rather thoughtful as he addresses the network*

I've been thinking... When people arrive here, they need to find a place to stay and work to do fairly quickly, on top of the... taking care of their collars.

*he almost manages not to flush at the thought, though in any case he continues gamely on*

These devices really are wonderful for finding out those things, but not everyone knows how to at first, and it can be difficult for some. So I thought we could put some sort of bulletin board nearby, for people to use. Businesses who need workers or buildings with rooms to let could post notices there, all in one place. And I'm sure if we asked politely or arranged a payment for the space to use the natives wouldn't mind.

Though of course, it would be even better if we could make some sort of pamphlet to be distributed in all the rooms, maybe with illustrations in case someone can't read. I know there's people here who have the means to print material, so if someone could write up the appropriate information and we could get the cooperation of the staff... Ah, but I suppose if that were possible, someone would certainly have asked them already, wouldn't they?

*then again, perhaps he's putting a little too much faith in his fellow captives, but back to the point...*

In any case, I all ready know of a lot of businesses and apartment buildings and such here, but it's likely I've still overlooked some. Is there anyone who'd be interested in helping out with something like this? And of course, for everyone who has a business or property to rent, would you use something like this if it were there? There wouldn't be any point if nobody used it, after all. I think it could help everyone though, if we work together and give it a chance. So please think about it, if it isn't too much trouble. Thank you for listening!

*and with that he gives the camera a polite nod and ends the feed*

» Third Person Sample Choice: (Prompt 1)

Armin twitched and made a sleepy groan as he drifted towards wakefulness, then suddenly snapped fully awake and sat up with a start as he realized that something felt simply wrong. He looked around at his surroundings, staring wide-eyed and the elegantly appointed room with its stone fixtures and wide windows. He was sitting in a large, luxurious bed, and it gradually dawned on him that, on top of everything else, he was completely naked.

"What..." he muttered aloud without thinking. "W-what is this..."

His mind raced, trying to put the pieces together. The last thing he could clearly recall was being just about to set out from Wall Rose to rescue Eren from the titans... Had he been injured somehow and comatose until now? But then why would he have been stripped of his clothing when there was no injury he could see? Unless it was some sort of kidnapping, perhaps, but even as soon as the thought occurred to him he could see the flaws in that conclusion as well. The lack of restraints, the fact that the window was wide open and unbarred, and that his quick glance confirmed that the gear he'd been wearing was there in the same neat pile as his clothing. Armin frowned, shaking his head as he tried to clear it.

"...Eh?" His hand immediately went to his neck, and his eyes widened a little further as he felt the seamless collar there. In his initial shock at his situation he hadn't noticed, but now it added just another puzzle to complicate things. A quick tug proved it wouldn't be easily removed, and he didn't trust himself to hold one of his blades steadily enough to make any attempt at cutting it off. Besides, something else that had been nagging at the back of his mind was tugging more insistently than ever at his attention, an odd sensation that he just felt different somehow. He couldn't quite pinpoint why or how, but as he cautiously moved off the bed and began to pull on his clothes it gradually began to dawn on him. He'd grown. It wasn't much, but Armin was certain he was taller than he remembered. Had he been unconscious that long? Long enough for a year--maybe several years, to pass? And if he had... what had become of their mission? Had Eren been saved? Obviously if he was still alive then humankind couldn't have completely lost to the titans, not yet, but that didn't mean anything in terms of what may have become of his friends in the mean time. For a moment tears misted his vision and threatened to spill out before he brusquely wiped them away. No, he couldn't give up hope yet, not until he knew for certain just what was going on.

He took a long, deep breath, and started thinking again. Sure there must be some detail he was overlooking, something else he could remember. They'd been setting out to rescue Eren, and then.... what? Or perhaps that was the wrong way to approach it, and instead he should focus on the last thing he could recall prior to waking up and work his way backwards. That thought, however, almost immediately conjured up images of a dream his initial shock had pushed to the back of his mind, and the nature of which promptly made Armin blush profusely.

"Or was it a dream after all...?" he muttered, pausing briefly in the process of shrugging on his shirt. If he made himself think about it completely rationally, it might explain a few things, but even though he might reluctantly admit that what he could recall of the dream or 'dream' hadn't seemed unpleasant, Armin couldn't believe he'd have just gone and done something like that. The mere thought of which made him redden again before he pushed it from his mind, instead taking another breath and focusing solely on getting dressed to clear his head.

Once he'd finished snapping the last buckle into place, Armin looked around the room again, then strode up to the open window. He was still uneasy about the entire situation, but he knew he couldn't do anything without being better informed about it, and even assuming the door was unlocked and he could just walk out, it would be best to learn all he could first. He leaned out the window, his glance quickly darting all around to take in his surroundings, and he let out a sudden gasp. What he saw was the water. Not just any water, but lots of it, bordering a shoreline that appeared to jut out into it as a peninsula or island would, as far as he could tell, and which stretched out beyond the shore literally as far as his eyes could see.

Water so vast he could barely even comprehend it, and the air smelling distinctly of salt.

"The ocean...?" Armin murmured, his eyes wide, this time with sheer awe. "Is this... the outside world....?"

He stared for several long moments, completely oblivious to anything else. A fact which he promptly chastised his fact for, once he was able to tear his attention away from the sight; had there been any enemies here, he could have been caught completely unprepared and off guard. Still, he cast one more glance back at the window and he walked away from it back towards the bed. The strange, almost boxlike object that had been sitting at the end of it by his clothes and gear was still a complete mystery to him, but if it were meant to be harmful, surely something would have happened to him by now. So Armin picked it up and stashed it in a pocket as he considered what to do. His mind was still a whirlwind of questions with no real answers, much of which quite frankly frightened him, but sitting around here wouldn't solve anything. And most definitely wouldn't help save Eren, assuming it wasn't already too late for that.

With one last look around the room to make sure there wasn't anything he'd missed, Armin walked up to the door and, pausing to take a deep breath and steel his nerves as best he could, opened it and stepped out.